UX/UI Design / Branding / Front-end development / Illustration. Gentleinsight is the fruition of a few projects where the learning process as a designer is explained briefly and resumed as a web portfolio. There are 10 projects among others to show variety of mediums and technologies. This work is related in the core of learning as a freelancer while traveling around Europe. The graphic aspect is a fundamental in a distinct observation or a way of looking at something.

Digital portfolio by Juan Antonio Godoy

Visual Designer

Juan Antonio is a graphic designer from the e[ad] PUCV University in Valparaíso. He also holds a web development degree from the Ironhack Bootcamp thought in Madrid. As a freelancer, he has been working and living between South America and Europe. He learned, early on, the importance of implementing the "Human-Centered Design" methodology. His work is mainly oriented to the visual components (UI) and his main goal is to fuse technique and creativity to acquire a level of insight in every project demanded by the world of today.

J. Godoy

Born in Santiago,
Chile 1991.

Graphic Design

Degree at e[ad] P.U.C.V.
Valparaíso, Chile 2010 - 2014.

Web Development

Bootcamp Ironhack,
Madrid, Sapin 2016.


Self-taught, Amsterdam,
Netherlands 2019.

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Financial structure


For big projects or commissions, the way we roll consist on a price-based project, where the analysiis of every aspect of the process involved is required up-front in order to clearly distinguished the necessities and implications. After that, we set budget accorded on that analysis, taking into account the space and time implied for the project. If both parties agree, we take 50% upfront and 50% after the implemented results.

Hi. I’m a UX / UI graphic designer slipping into the illustration field.

Here you can see some of my work.

Faculty Of Architecture & Design


UX/UI design for e[ad] (design & architecture school). Work done in conceptual maps, wireframes and user testing. Use of framework. Development in Html, Css compiler & Javascript. Implemented with Wordpress from a third party.

Felix Francisco Casanova

Intimate diary

Illustration design for the cover book written by the Spanish writer Felix Francisco Casanova. Work done in the Procreate app on iPad Pro. Showing different stages from the conceptual and the drawing process.

Scandinavian Furniture


Logo & identity design for Nooske. A brand launching a new line of furniture with a Scandinavian outlook. Work done from paper to Illustrator & Photoshop, directed mostly for the social media environment.

Arthur Rimbaud

A Season in hell

Editorial design for the well known book “A season in hell” by the poet Arthur Rimbaud. Looking for a strong and funny concept. Showing different stages of the creative process. Work done in Photoshop.

Stop Motion

The Mirror

Animation design as a personal project. Quick testing of visual concept and materializing it for the web. Work done in the Procreate app and photoshop. Showing a bit of the thinking process.

I’ve been working and living between America and Europe.

And spread them throught the web platforms.

T-shirt brand concept

One line drawing

Brand design as a personal project. T-shirts with one-lined drawings. The goal was to find interesting facts about science and illustrate them on minimal T-shirts. Work done in the Procreate app and Photoshop.

Food packaging identity


Logo & identity design for Feedonate; project intending to connect food banks with food donations. First project testing Ruby on Rails to develop an App. Work done on Illustrator. Front-end in Html, Css & Jquery. Deployed with Heroku.

Digital painting


Illustration design as a personal project. Portraits based on photographies. Showing drawing process. Looking to improve finding a stye. Work done in the Procreate app on iPad Pro.

Cocktail Bar


Illustration design for Heft. A new cocktail bar located in Antwerp trying to market their own drinks with look & feel. Presenting ideas for the menu. Work done in the Procreate app on iPad Pro.

The science and technology

Leonardo Da Vinci

Illustration design for the cover book “Leonardo Da Vinci (science and technology)” edited by Nomad Press, known by publishing books for kids ages 7-16, primarily in Science and History. Work done in the Procreate app and Photoshop.

I'm always down to hear new ideas and work collaboratively.

Send me a message for a related project.


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Polaroid traveling

Work & travel

Traveling around Europe, he set up for living more extensly in Spain (Madrid), Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Belgium (Antwerpen). He has also visited Italy, France and Marroco. He met a lot of prople, lived and worked with many of them in different activities related and non-related with design.

Information arcitecture, Wireframes, Graphic Style & Framework. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Artboard, Studio, Sketch, InVision, Prezi.

Html, Css compilers (Less&Sass) & Javascript (Jquery). Git & Github, Jekyll. A bit of Ruby on Rails, Device for user authentication and Heorku for deployment. Sublime text & terminal.

Benchmark, User&Personas, User testing. Drawing Notebooks, Cmap Tools, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe XD, Procreate app.

Thank you
for coming.

I appreciate if you took some time to review the work or leave a message. If you want to talk about ideas or think about a design project together, don't hesitate to contact me on the contact form or in my live whatsapp chat.